BridgRid uses a powerful vibrating action to eliminate bridging in feed bins. 

BridgRid is an internally mounted grid system activated by an externally mounted vibrator. It mounts on the lower portion of nearly any sloped bulk container with a bottom discharge. It has been effective in every material that it has been used.

BridgRid offers the ability to provide complete 24/7 feed line automation on swine and poultry farms, ensuring that feed lines remain supplied and that bin bridiging doesn't result in an out of feed event. The flow is monitored in the auger tube, vibration occurs only when necessary and is sustained only long enough to restore flow whenever bridging occurs. The amount of feed in the tank is recognized and monitored as well, and automatically prevents operation on an empty tank.

It’s simple. It requires no maintenance. It’s affordable. Most importantly, it really works.

BridgRid Installed

Powerful Motor with Mounting Bracket

The exterior plate is shaped to fit just inside the sloped panel's seams. The interior plate's larger dimensions allow for distribution of any stress points and uses existing bin bolts to tie directly into the bin structure. 
BridgRid Motor Mount

Effective Interior Components

The horizontal bar connects the opposing bin walls and solidifies the cone. This allows vibration to be transmitted evenly, smoothly and consistently from the bottom of the unloader to the very top of the lid.

The vertical bar and the “fingers” throughout provide surface area through the center of the structure. Agitating the contents in the center of the lower portion of the bin is extremely effective. That’s where the pressure is.

BridgRid allows a vibrator to be mounted to a tank, utilizing the existing hardware and without compromising the integrity of its design and structure.


BridgRid Interior Components

Vibration Motor Control

• Measures the amount of vibration the system is delivering

•Turns BridgRid system off after reaching a pre-determined level of vibration


The VMC box mounts on the bin leg and coordinates the sensors. It measures the vibration levels on the tank and self-calibrates, thus establishing the parameters of both a full and empty bin and sets a scale accordingly. BridgRid will not operate on an empty tank. An alarm output is also provided.
BridgRid Vibration Motor Control

Flow Sensors

BridgRid electronics provide 24/7 automation. Sensors monitor the feed in the tube when the auger is rotating and agitation occurs only as necessary.

Each feedline in front of every tank requires a sensor and communicates with the Vibration Motor Control (VMC) box (1 VMC required per bin). 

BridgRid Flo Sensor
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