Hog Slat Medicator

Hog Slat Medicator

The Hog Slat® medicator unit provides outstanding performance as a fixed ratio water powered injection pump. Fixed dilution at 1:128 injects one ounce per gallon of water flow. The DPLH128 unit is rated for up to 11 gallons per minute (GPM) to meet the dosing needs of modern poultry and swine production operations.

  • Reinforced valve support strengthens a critical component for reliable operation
  • Long lasting 3 part spring design reduces down time and maintenance costs
  • Easy to mount bracket simplifies installation and removal
  • Proven top and bottom seals
  • Includes clear stock tank suction hose and weighted strainer

Connection Size: 3/4” NPT
Unit Weight: 3 pounds
Dimensions: 11.25” x 6.5”
Operating Flow: 1/3 pint/min to 11 GPM
Operating Pressure: 4.3 to 85 PSI
Dilution Ratio: 1:128 (1 ounce/gallon)
Max Temperature: 104° F
Accessories: Clear stock tank suction tube, mounting bracket, weighted strainer, quick start guide

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The Hog Slat® medicator is a fixed ratio (1:128) injection pump for modern swine and poultry production facilities, with operating flow capabilities up to 11 GPM.

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