Hog Penning

Hog Slat manufactures and supplies a complete line of economical steel penning and gating equipment for nursery pigs, wean-to-finish hogs and breeding swine barn confinement needs. Our swine penning equipment is fabricated in our USA manufacturing facilities; allowing us to control and ensure the quality of our gating products throughout the entire production process.

Hog Slat penning panels are available in the following standard height options:

31.5” H – 7 Rod: Nursery/Wean-to-Finish/Finishing
36” H – 8 Rod: Special Wean-to-Finish
40” H – 6 Rod: Standard Gestation/Breeding
40” H – 9 Rod: Special Gestation for Wean/Gilt Development

Hog Slat gating panels are combined with our bolt-on legs, brackets, drop rods and other installation accessories to create penning solutions in all phases of hog production.

Hog Slat Horizontal Gating Panels

Solid Construction

  • Standard penning fence panels feature 1/8” x 1-1/2” angle top bars
  • Solid 1/2” horizontal rods and a beefy 3/4” solid rod bottom rail design endures wear from large hogs and barn environments for a long lifetime
  • 2” vertical uprights are standard (1-1/2” available on request)
  • Reliable finish quality welds you can depend on to minimize maintenance tasks
  • Horizontal rods are spaced closer together toward the bottom of all gating panels to adequately contain pigs of all sizes, prevent injury and provide additional strength where it’s needed most

Durable Finish

  • Hog Slat gating panels are shot-blasted and treated before painting to remove any present rust, grease or scale
  • Powder epoxy paint is electrostatically applied and oven-bake cured for a long lasting finish that provides superior protection versus dipped or sprayed conventional paint finishes from other manufacturers
  • Available with hot-dipped galvanized finish for increased corrosion resistance (ASTM A123)

Quality Design

  • Gating available to meet the barn design and equipment layouts for any grower or integrator requirements
  • Since the late 1970’s, Hog Slat has built and installed penning in just about every type of swine building there is and can manufacture solutions that meet any unique needs existing in confinement pig production
  • Standard wall/wall, aisle/wall, aisle/feeder, feeder/wall penning styles available in a variety of lengths; as well as other more unique design options built to fit your specific gating needs
Hog Slat penning, gate posts and other installation accessories are available in a long lasting corrosion resistant galvanized finish.Hog Slat penning, gate posts and other installation accessories are available in a long lasting corrosion resistant galvanized finish.

Installation & Repair Components

Hog Slat manufactures a broad selection of accessories for penning gate installation and repair available in unfinished steel, painted or galvanized finishes.

  • Bolt-on legs for attaching fence panels to slatted or solid flooring (Select components available in stainless steel)
  • Base floor plates, flat-bar and square-tube posts with/without base plates
  • Double/Single aisle clips, flipper latches, latch clips, divider clips, divider clip pipes, post gussets and more
  • Brackets for attaching gating panels to feeders and concrete/solid wall structures
  • Gate rods for securing penning to brackets, posts and farrowing equipment
  • Cast iron and stainless steel T-bolts for securing equipment to slatted flooring
  • Wrench for installing or replacing T-bolts from the top of slatted flooring
Hog Slat Cut & Weld gating panels provide the ability to construct customized DIY penning solutions right on the farm.Hog Slat Cut & Weld gating panels provide the ability to construct customized DIY penning solutions right on the farm.

DIY Cut & Weld Gating Panels

DIY cut and weld panels available that allow quick custom length gating solutions to be made right on the farm:

  • Step 1: Knock tack-welded upright loose (the other upright is factory finish welded)
  • Step 2: Move loosened upright to needed position on panel
  • Step 3: Weld both the horizontal rods and also the top rail into place
  • Step 4: Cut or grind extra un-needed length off
  • Step 5: Add any needed clips, latches or pipes
  • Step 6: Coat exposed steel/welds with Hog Slat blue paint (Item # 59722)

Item # 4470108160: 110” panel (for building 6’-9’ gates)
Item # 4470144160: 146” panel (for building 9’-12’ gates)

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Hog Slat penning panels and gating products are available in our signature blue powder coat or hot-dipped galvanized finishes.

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Hog Slat gating is available in options to meet all common integrator penning layouts and can be built to fit specific barn layouts as needed.Quality designs, reliable welds and durable finishes combine to make Hog Slat penning, post and installation equipment the smart choice for all your confinement gating needs. Hog Slat bolt-on legs and posts are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet the penning design needs of your nursery pig, finishing hog or breeding swine barn layout.Hog Slat gating panels can be used with our mounting posts, wall brackets and other installation accessories to create catch pens, sorting areas and other specific needs in every type of pig penning layout.Hog Slat 1/2” diameter steel gate rod with bend and 28” below washer for use on front gates. Common configurations of Hog Slat 1/2” diameter steel gate rods used in nursery, finishing and breeding penning installations. Available in painted or galvanized finishes. Hog Slat manufactures a complete line of wall brackets for attaching gating panels to wall surfaces and feeders. Available in painted or galvanized finishes.Hog Slat manufactures four styles of 29” tall galvanized flat bar bolt-on legs to properly support and secure penning panels in swine confinement gating installations.Hog Slat manufactures bolt-on leg solutions in stainless steel and galvanized finish options for all common brands of horizontal bar swine confinement gating panels.After adjusting and re-welding the upright into place on Cut & Weld panels, clips and drop tube pipes can be attached to complete your customized gating solution.