Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest turn-key construction contractor building pig and poultry farms in six regions across the United States. Hog Slat has expanded into the Canadian market and is ready to extend our knowledge and experience to assist hog and poultry producers and building contractors with their new construction, renovation and equipment upgrade needs.

Our company’s completed building projects include new construction, additions to and extensive remodels of:


  • sow breeding/gestation/farrowing barns (individual & group sow designs)
  • gilt development/multiplication & boar stud facilities
  • wean-to-finish growing sites
  • nursery pig farms
  • finishing hog barns (deep & shallow pit designs)


  • broiler chicken houses
  • chicken breeder barns
  • egg layer complexes
  • pullet houses
  • turkey grow-out barns
  • turkey breeder farms

for integrator owned company locations, co-ops and individual family owned farms. Our extensive experience in all aspects of building hog and poultry farms and installing ventilation, feeding and watering equipment position us to deliver top quality finished products that pig and poultry producers can trust for many years to come.