Farrowing Floors and Creep Panels

crate layout

12-Way Corner Posts61/4" x 1/2" Bolt
2Starter Creep Panel71/4" Locknut
3Long Divider Creep Panel85/16" x 2" Bolt
4Intermediate Creep Panel95/16" Locknut

Your pigs will stay warm and dry with Hog Slat's premium farrowing floors.  These elevated farrowing platforms allow wastes to drain and will raise the pigs up and away from floor drafts.  Raised floors reduce daily manure handling chores along with lowering bedding costs. Galvanized steel creep panels provide a solid barrier to protect pigs against drafts.    Use a rubber mat (544183) and a poly lamp (HS664 & HS544152) or an electric heat mat (PHMS36) to provide supplemental heat for the pigs.

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