Gro17000 LogoThe Gro17000 stainless steel brooder features a two orifice system with unique pressure adjustment capability to modulate from high/low burn. A unique double gas burner eliminates the need for an air filter in most conditions by combustion dust and carbon residues. 

Stainless steel canopy resists damage when heaters are relocated or stored.

Two-orifice system with unique pressure adjustment capability maintains clean combustion at both input levels.

No air filter needed. The brooder features a unique double gas burner system that combusts dust and carbon to help prevent buildup.

Stainless steel burner system modulates from low burn to high burn as needed for increased fuel efficiency. 

Gro17000 Brooder Heater

Save 20% in Fuel Costs with the Hi/Lo Control System

On farm tests show that Hi/Lo systems consume 20.7% less fuel than modulating controls while maintaining a two degree temperature differential from set point.
Gro17000 Hi/Lo Burner Photo

Optional Air Filter for Dirty and Dusty Environments

2 dust filters required per heater
Gro17000 Brooder with Dust Filters
Gro17000 Brooder Control Options
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