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Flexible management tool used to counter heat stress and improve performance of tunnel ventilation systems. 

System turns on at short preset intervals sprinkling birds with large water droplets causing the birds to stand.

As the droplets hit the birds, they stand and release captured heat underneath, allowing ventilation airflow to remove it from the building.

The elevated activity also causes the birds to migrate to the feeders and water lines promoting increased weight gain and improved feed conversion.
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Sprinkler Control Unit

The GrowerSELECT sprinkler control unit is programmable and automatically increases run time and frequency of the system operation as needed. 
GrowerSELECT Sprinkler Control Unit

Sprinkler Assemblies

Low pressure (50 psi) rotating sprinkler assemblies cover approximately 450 square feet each and are available in different drop lengths to match varying building configurations. 

Available in 22" and 30" lengths. 
GrowerSELECT Sprinkler Assembly

Sprinkler System Packages (22" drops)

Includes a controller, complete manifold, 2 sensors and all drops. Does not include PVC supply line, fittings or sensor wire. One data plug per farm will also need to be purchased. 
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