Single Speed Fan Motors

Replacement fan motors for fiberglass and galvanized single speed exhaust and stir fans.

GrowerSELECT® replacement motors are engineered to be stronger and more reliable than your standard OEM motor. Click here to learn more about how GrowerSELECT products are engineered to save you money. Choosing the correct Service Factor (SF) and Full Load Amp (FL) ratings for your fan motors will help you save money by reducing failure rates and extending working lifetime. Click here to learn more about the advantages provided by using fan motors with a higher service factor rating

Item #RPMHPFrameVoltageUse
HS9028KIT33001/63.7208-2308" & 10" PVC Duct Fans
HS903132501/6362309" Direct Drive Fans
HS903516251/448Y115/23016" Direct Drive Fans
HS903810751/34811/23020" Direct Drive Fans
HS903716251/348115/23020" Direct Drive Fans
HS901111001/348Y115/23024" Direct Drive Fans
HS907311001/24823024" Direct Drive Fans
HS93021140/9401/348Z208-230/46024" & 26" Direct Drive Fans
HS90058501/248115/23036" Direct Drive Fans
(Box or Stir Fan Only / No Static Pressure)
HS90348501/248Y115/23036" Direct Drive Fans
HS9005A850 | 7001/2 | 1/356Y115/230 | 110/22036" Direct Drive Fans
HS90338501/256Y208-23036" Direct Drive Fans
HS9303850/7501/248YZ230/460 | 380/19036" Direct Drive Fans
HS901517251/256115/208-23036" Belt Drive Fans
HS90101725156115/208-23048"-50" Belt Drive Fans
HS90001725156115/208-23048"-50" Belt Drive Fans
(High SF 1.4 Motor) 
HS90191725 (1425)1-1/256208-230 (220)52"-54" Belt Drive Fans
HS9014C17251-1/256115/208-230 & 110/22052"-54" Belt Drive Fans
(High SF 1.5 Motor) 
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