Poly Bin Lid Stands Up To Panel’s Scrutiny

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

One of the biggest targets on a hog barn is the lid on the feed bin, commonly the loser in run-ins with an unloading auger. Hog Slat has created a remedy for that in a rugged ultraviolet-resistant polyethylene that comes standard on all Hog Slat Feed Bins and can be retrofitted easily to most feed bins as a replacement lid.

When opened (which can be done from the ground by a cable), the lid lies flat against the bin roofline, away from the feed auger. A stainless-steel locking spring holds the lid in place preventing rain, snow and moisture from entering the feed bin, prolonging feed quality and life of the bin. The dome-shaped lid sheds moisture away.

Hog Slat’s sales director, Fritz Richards, says the life expectancy of the lid is 20 years, with a price of $192. All three judges on the New Product Tour panel like the safety element of being able to open and close the lid from the ground, keeping caretakers and feed delivery people off the bins. “Some feed mills don’t even allow their drivers to climb feed bins” for safety reasons, says Pat Thome, judge and hog producer from Adams, Minn.

Source: National Hog Farmer

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