How scaleblaster worksSCALEBLASTER AG Electronic De-scaler eliminates Lime Scale build-up in livestock and poultry water lines without the use of chemicals or acids.  Nipples, water cups, and valves stay scale-free; reducing leakage and maintenance. Diminished levels of harmful Bio-film also result from scale-free lines.  SCALEBLASTER`s units are easily installed and do not require cutting of existing piping. An Electronic Coil wrapped around existing pipe provides the signal to neutralize the Calcium molecules ability to adhere. Scale will not stick to components in the water flow. SCALEBLASTER`s units are electronically controlled systems designed with `Auto-Switching` electric input. Units will automatically adjust power supply of 90-264VAC @ 47 to 63Hz. 
scaleblaster coolcell    scaleblaster mounted

Benefits with Evaporative Cooling Systems:

• Reduces and works to prevent scale buildup
on cool cell pads allowing them to operate with
better efficiency.

• Improves the life of your evaporative
pad thus keeping replacement cost down and
less frequent.

 Eliminates the need for chemicals used to
remove and treat scale from evaporative systems
which can be harmful to pads and requires
routine maintenance.

 Keeps the water supply lines on your cool
cell system clean and free of scale buildup.

 Saves numerous labor hours from cleaning,
administering chemicals, and replacing pads
over the life of your houses.


Benefits to Fogging Systems:

 Keeps scale from building
up in fogger misters.

 Saves money on not having
to replace misters as frequently.

 Allows foggers to work more
efficiently and mist properly.

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