Metal Repair

With over 25 years of application experience and over 20 years of product formulation and manufacturing experience, Vanberg Specialized Coatings products are designed to be user friendly, durable and long lasting. Repairing damaged or metal surfaces with VSC's line of products can save significant time and money versus full replacement. 

AMC100LChoose the AMC100L Aluminum Moisture Cured Urethane Coating line of products to repair and seal exterior metal roofing, feed bins and other equipment where an aluminum colored finish is desired. Recommended for exterior use.
WMC100The WMC100 White Moisture Cured Urethane Coating line of products are great for repairing and sealing interior metal ceilings, walls and equipment in production agriculture buildings where a white colored finish is desired. Recommended for interior use.
VSC Seam TapeVSC Seam Tape is the ideal solution for repairing loose screw heads, rips, tears, seams or other minor damages to metal surfaces. Use with AMC100L or WMC100 for a durable long lasting repair. 
VSC Rust ConverterStop rust in its tracks and eliminate further corrosion with VSC Rust Converter!
By chemically 
altering rust into a stable black compound, further damage can be prevented before protecting the surface with an application of AMC100L or WMC100.
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